Meaning: Multifaceted and versatile intelligence; wily from the Greek polýtropos, composed of poly- 'poli-' (compositional form of polýs 'much') and -tropos, from the theme of trépo 'turn'. So 'that turns from many parts'.

This adjective owes its immense fortune to its literary ancestry: it is the epithet that Homer attributes to Ulysses.

It means 'versatile intelligence', and it does so through a fulminating image: properly, it is who or what turns in many places. The curiosity and the mobility of the mind, the inclination to travel and the new, the attitude to apply ingenuity in situations and in unusual ways are summarized as follows. It is not a light adjective, certainly for its courtly pedigree, but also because the quality it describes is extreme, of highest value.

One can speak of the polyprophic entrepreneur who gave birth to countless revolutionary projects, the polypopo character of the Renaissance genius, the polytropical artist, the avant-garde and the cosmopolitan.

In a more minute sense, politropo can become synonymous with cunning, shrewd, subtle - more for juxtaposition with the legendary and ambiguous qualities of Ulysses that for an intrinsic meaning. In this case it comes in handy with an ironic nuance: the politropo fraudster boasts the most ingenious deceptions, the politropo administrator tames local crime.