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Who we are

  TENDER is an organization born in 1988 by persons interested in economic, social, industrial and environmental topics. It has reached a wide experience in the study of the european, italian and regional societies and economies.
Particular attention was devoted to modernization of the societies and consequently to innovation (ICT). Furthermore it designs and organizes R&D initiatives, Vocational Educational Training (VET) courses, workshops, public events for Public Institutions and private companies.


Many EU R&D projects have been designed and carried out since 1993 in the areas of Technological Innovation and ICT; from TIDE (Technological Innovation for Disabled and Elderly) Programme till FP6 (see CAALYX), under FP7 with CONFIDENCE project, from CIP-ICT-PSP with two projects (FATE and CAALYX-MV) till AAL 2010 with two projects (NACODEAL and ELDERHOP).

TENDER also develops and manages specific services for dissemination and diffusion activities within European projects. It can provide communication plans, events, publications and printed/audio-visual materials implemented by skilled staff  experts of digital content and web design.
TENDER cooperates with professionals that allow to plan the best resources for support in planning and managing events and public initiatives.

The actions taken in the past were mainly in the fields of european project with the realization of dissemination campaigns:   
  • Presentation of the project with the creation of printed materials, brochures, posters, gadgets, website, presence in traditional media (press office & media coverage), editing - creation - print final reports, newsletters, project website;
  •  Organization of seminars and events (identification of the location, organizing secretary, distribution, hospitality, catering, storage and publication of materials);
  •  Reporting materials, both printed and audio-visual, of the events, materials for TV and internet use.